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Annie King's Things - 1745

The following list is taken from the Church Wardens Account Book dated February 5th 1745. The reason it is there is not clear, but it does give a glimpse of the minimum amount of items that the working class of that day managed with for their domestic life.

The inventory of Ann Kings goods:-

An oval table                4s Od
A square table              4s 0d
A doz of chairs             6s 0d
An arm chair                 1s 0d
A slide rule                   1s 6d
A white table                 1s 6d
A warming pan              6s 0d
A doz of bottles            2s 0d
A peck & quartn Skip     1s 2d
A brass pot                    3s 6d
A chest of drawers       14s 0d
A basket                             6d
A table cloth                  1s 6d
3 pewter dishes             8s 0d
A bed and bedding   £2 0s 0d
A tea table                    1s Od

(Actually                 £4 15s 8d)