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An Inventory - The Rectory 1634

Early written records relating to Laceby are rare. However, among church papers is a hand-written document, date 1634, reproduced here with its original spellings.

A true and perfect terrier of all the Houses. Glebe and Tithe belonging to the Rectorie of Laceby. 

One dwelling house containing Four Bayes divided into a Hall, Kitchen, two parlours and five chambers.
One corne barne containing five bayes.
One stable containing two bayes.
One little stable.
One swine house.
One Close of Arable containing by estimation nine acres and three roodes.
One Close of Meddow or Pasture containing by estimation seven acres.
Two Ffurz Leyes in a close called Non Ffurz.
Lying next to the next hedge of the said close in Lew of the Tythe
of twenty leyes of Ffurz belonging to Mr Weslyde of the Nuns neer Grimsby Magr.
The Tythe lay of one piece of ground in the Parish of Bradley called by the name of More Dale.
The Tithe of one piece of ground in Irby called by the name of Willow Pingle .
The Tythe of halfe a close in Irby called the Street Close.
The whole Tythe of a close in Irby called by the name of Cotchers Plat.
The whole Tythe of the Parish of Laceby.