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Earthquake 1750

The following is reproduced from the "Lincoln Rutland and Stamford Mercury", January 6th 1750.

At Laceby in Lincolnshire and in several other parts of the county as well as of the counties of York and Nottingham the Earthquake was felt very sensibly. And at Laceby aforesaid there happen'd this remarkable story: On Innocents Day in the afternoon, several Morris Dancers came thither from Grimsby; and after they had danced and played their Tricks, they went towards Alesby, a little town not far off: but, as they were going about Five o'clock they felt two such terrible shocks of the Earth, that they had much ado to hold their feet, and thought the ground was ready to swallow them up whereupon thinking that God was angry at them for playing the fool, they returned immediately to Laceby in a great fright, and the next day home not daring to pursue their intended Circuit and Dancing.