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The Laceby Legend

The Grange, a large brick and stone house, on the site of which the present Grange Estate in the village is built, was built in the 1630's. Legend has it that at one time it was thought to have housed a small Order of Nuns.

As has previously been reported it is most likely that Laceby during the Civil War, was almost certainly for Cromwell and the Parliamentarians and being no supporters of the Catholic Church the Nuns were unlikely to be very popular.

It must be remembered that up to this time the Church would have been of the Catholic Faith and legend has it that a tunnel was built from the Grange to the Church so that the Nuns could continue their devotions in secret.

In the 1930's a Mrs. Wilkinson who came from Grimsby, rented the rear part of the Grange. After living there a short while she was taken ill. One day while she was recovering from her illness she was sitting in the room which opened in the main hall in sight of the great stairway. It was a warm sunny day and she must have dozed off, suddenly she awoke feeling very chilly. She then looked through the open doorway of the room toward the hell and coming out of an entrance under the main stairway she saw three Nuns who drifted through the hallway.

Mrs. Wilkinson never told her tale to anybody for some years until one day she was visited by a member of the Church to whom she recounted her story.

When the house and shops were built on Grimsby Road, opposite the now Church Hall, a culvert was found - cou1d this have been part of the Nuns tunnel from the Grange to the Church ?

Footnote: The date stone of 1638 which was sited in the front gable of the Grange can still be seen. It was included and built into the garden wall of a house on the Grange estate when the old house was pulled down.