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The Anglo Saxons

So we return to the Burial Ground adjacent to the Barton Street, and the objects identified there as being from 500 AD onwards. This must have been the real starting point of Laceby.

The Anglos and the Saxons came over from the European Continent after the Romans departed, and slowly over the years intergrated with the Romano British, already here. There was considerable dispute over land possession nationally, but at the local level it was a case of a small community clearing enough land from the ever present forest in order to cultivate enough food for their own existence. But, amongst them were craftsmen - to fashion the jewellery found and to make the basic implements to farm the land.

During this period, Christianity was beginning to spread and there is flimsy evidence that a place for worship was here at Laceby. Identified portions of an Anglo Saxon stone cross are built into the North wall of St. Margarets Church.

The people here would have had pigs, sheep, oysters and cattle. Wheat and barley would have been grown. Their houses would have been built of organic materials and they used nails.