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The Romans

This country was part of the Roman Empire from 55 BC to 450 AD. It took them nearly 100 years before establishing a garrison at Lincoln in 47 AD and their presence was very apparent in this area, after they had defeated the Cori tani in 70 AD. The garrison town of Caistor, the signal station above Irby-upon-Humber, a villa between Irby and Welbeck and a large settlement at Kirmington are proof of this.

But again there is no certaint,y that they ever trod in Laceby. Roman coins dating from 300 AD to 337 AD have been found in a garden in Cooper Lane, Laceby, and it is strongly felt that the Barton Street - identified as an Ancient Trackway following the edge of the Wolds - may have been used by the Romans. But, this is not sufficient to establish any form of settlement.