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LACEBY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . A Pageant of History

Some might say that Laceby has nothing of note to add to posterity.

This was the challenge facing the Laceby History Group when in 1977 the decision was made to assemble the History of the Village.

The further the research progressed the more apparent was the necessity to publish the findings so that residents of this ancient village could be aware of their heritage - indeed a proud heritage that has contributed to and influenced the area's development over the centuries.

The format chosen is to present the history of Laceby in chronical fom, issued at regular intervals, building up into a complete library.

"History is only a confused heap of facts" - wrote Chesterfield

This is very true when writing about a village's history. Because not only is there confusion, but also few facts, plenty of theories based on slender knowledge can be expanded, but in these Chronicles we present the known facts with as little theory as possible. It is the intention of the Group to present a style that although factual, is essentially readable, so that all may enjoy the history unfolded and the final collected works still being a valuable work of reference.

The format is not intended to be in strict chronological order, but rather a human progressive account based on known facts and within the search areas of the Group.

It is hoped that as the account moves into the twentieth century many memories will be stirred - for yesterday is already history.


The Chronicles of Laceby are compiled and edited by:

together with the endeavours of all those members of the Laceby History Group who have contributed so much in the dedication to the history of Laceby.



"Laceby is, I think, one of the prettiest villages in the Country, containing a great number of very well built houses, with much air and comfort, and several of a more considerable appearance, and being on a slope of country, and very well wooded with a fine clear stream through it, the aspect is on the whole very pleasing:

"I inquired the cause, and found it inhabited by freeholders;each man lives on his own." - ARTHOR YOUNG 1799 (General View of the Agriculture of the County of Lincoln)

Laceby lies along the eastern slopes of the Wolds on the higher land towards the sea. The Lincolnshire Wolds are little known but are pleasant to the eye, at one time, they were wild and untamed but farming and care over the last Centruy or so has turned them into rich arable land with good grazing.

Situated four and a half miles from Grimsby, in the parliamentary division of Louth, the European parliamentary division of Lincolnshire, and since the County boundary re-organization, the village, formally in the Lindsey division of Lincolnshire, is now in the County of South Humberside. The village is part of the Cleethorpes Borough and bounded by the Parishes of Aylesby, Grimsby, Bradley, Bamolby-le-Beck and Irby-upon-Humber.