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Mr Dosser's Laceby School Football Team 1935

Mr. Dosser, himself a very strict Headmaster in those days had a great interest in football and was very proud of his boys' achievements in 1935, for not only had they beaten all the other local school teams but also Holme Hill (Grimsby) boys' team as well.

His search for opposition continued and finally he arranged a school outing to Hull combining it with a challenge match against a Hull Boys' team which contained several Hull City Boys players.

The Laceby School party set out early one Saturday morning by bus to Grimsby I train to New Holland then ferry to Hull. We all walked through Hull to see the museum at Wilberforce House. Later we went into the large covered market where several of us bought 12 blood oranges for 2d. At midday we had fish & chips in a cafe then afterwards travelled to Pickering Park for the football match.

The pitch was very muddy & heavily sanded due to the amount of rain the previous week - there was little sign of grass anywhere. At half-time we were leading 2 - 1 but Hull equalised in the 2nd half.

Then my brother scored twice giving us the lead only for them to pull back to 4 - 3 with 6 minutes to go. Then catastrophe! The referee awarded a penalty against us. Unfortunately I was the goalkeeper & feared the worst in what appeared to be a gigantic goalmouth.

However I decided to dive to my right & as the whistle blew leapt sideways in the mud but couldn't reach the heavy ball. Then to my amazement it rolled past the outside of the post! So we won 4 - 3. Mr. Dosser was absolutely delighted as he led us all off the pitch chanting "We've won! we've won!" to the tune of Big Ben chimes.

On the following Monday morning at school he led all the goalscorers round the classrooms telling each class how they scored and won. I believe this was one of the highlights of Mr. Dosser's career for soon afterwards he took a well-earned retirement. The team was as follows:-

Goalkeeper: G. Brown,
Fullbacks: K.Brookes, T. Blyth,
Halfbacks: H. Bullivant, R. Barr, G. Roper.
Forwards: A. Wrightr A. Dowse, H. 
Brookes, K. Nicholson, W. Brown. Res. K. Bullivant.

(The fares for the bus, train & ferry across the river were a total of 1/6d each! Obviously a special concession even in those days).

T.G. Brown,