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Some Laceby Characters in the 1930s

Remembered by GEOFF BROWN

Laceby at this time was well noted for its local characters. Since Bob Maples there were Sarnrny Smith, Beaver Everington, Singer Blow, Johnny Corcoran, Mr. Burnett with his one-armed wheelbarrow, the Haw brothers - Fred, Joe & Sam, Arthur Guy, Mr. Insley & his alsation & not forgetting Maria Wetherhog.

Beaver Everington, a very knowledgeable man with a professor like appearance, gained his nickname because of his whiskery countenance - he had long, flowing hair & white beard. Once employed as a Head Gardener at the Oaklands estate, he had a profound knowledge of plant life.

Once he asked me if I was courting yet. When I replied that I was too young for that, he said, "Son, young girls are like new potatoes. When they're big enough, they're ready!"

In retirement & into his seventies, he could be seen regularly chugging around on his 1920s Sunbeam motorcycle.

Singer Blow earned his nickname because of his ill-fitting false teeth which caused him to whistle slightly when pronouncing his s's. He was a keen chapel man & during the week he could be seen trundling around the byways with bucket in hand & shovel over his shoulder searching for horse droppings from the roadside. For him this was a regular twice daily routine because of the number of horses in the area.