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Laceby Scouts 1908 - 1922

The first Laceby troop of Boy Scouts was formed after Lieut.Gen.Baden-Powell of Mafeking fame started his scouting for boys in 1908.

Mr. Eddie Knight, Canon Knight's brother admired the pioneering spirit of Baden-Powell and decided to follow his example with the Laceby boys. He called 30 together, the eldest four being troop Leaders who carried stout staffs as they were drilled on the Rectory lawn. An early photograph shows them standing smartly in their new uniforms with Eddie Knight, Jack Lowe, Harry Pawson, Sid Pawson & Freddie Marwood.

They formed a drum and fife band and marched through Laceby on a Sunday morning to church service playing their instruments. In 1910 they were amongst troops which were inspected by Lieut. Gen.Baden-Powell himself when he came to People's Park, Grimsby to review the members of this new adventure scheme for boys.

Camping was the Laceby troop's favourite summer activity. With many green fields in and around the village and the beck flowing nearby, they had a choice of sites to pitch their tents & build their campfires. They could play games and track till their hearts were content.

In 1914 war came to spoil this idyll but so fired had their minds been for adventure that a few had already emigrated to Australia to work on farms and in the virgin bush. They were called up into the Australian Forces to serve with great honour in France and Gallipoli.

Those who returned to Laceby after the 1st W.W. restarted the troop and along with all the old favourite occupations was a new one - watching Canon Knight's magic lantern show . He had been to Canada and brought back remarkable photographs & slides which he knew would interest the adventurous Leaders and also the new recruits. The lantern consisted of a 2'6" green tank with water in it and an inner tank with lumps of carbide in . Gas formed in the connecting tube which led to the lantern & thence to a burner. A match was struck, the gas ignited and the ensuing light showed behind the slide and was projected on to a white sheet hung against a wall of the Church Hall or Rectory. Thus were Laceby Scouts informed of the vastness of the lakes and mountains of Canada.

So a new era in Laceby Scouting began. More recruits joined, better camps were organised further afield, tests were set and passed and parents were encouraged to take part in supporting the boys. They did exercises and demonstration in public and under Mr. Ernie Wright's direction they gave a memorable First Aid demonstration at the 1939 Church Garden Party on the Rectory lawn, complete with 'blood-stained' bandages.

Later that year war again disrupted the Scouts and the Laceby troop was disbanded for the duration. A meeting with Col. Wintringham and Major Spilman failed to extract a promise from them to retain the Scouts' Hut for them after the war and the Home Guard used it as their Headquarters.

Not until the late 1950s was another troop of Laceby scouts formed and a new generation of boys met in the Church Hall and were introduced to the mysteries of coiling & hanking, lashing & hitching. More exciting camps and visits to Jamborees were undertaken. One camp in the 1960s was notable in that it rained every day, but they did produce a champion angler! Dry stone walling and orienteering were added to the normal scouting skills at camps in the Yorkshire Dales and the Derbyshire Peak District.

Their meeting places have ranged from the Church Hall through to the "ScoutHut" in Cooper Lane, the Youth Club (the converted Primitive Chapel on Caistor Road) and the Temperance Hall.

Other developments from original scouts include the formation of a Venture Unit for older boys and Cubs and Beavers for young ones.

What have generations of Laceby Scout Leaders striven to instil in the boys? Hopefully the attainment of high ideals, a love of country and countryside, a respect for all life, diligence in tasks, fun in adventure and an awareness of self & other people.

The names which follow are men and women who have tried to lead Lacebyy boys towards these ideals.

Brenda Anderson.


Eddie Knight

Jack Lowe

G.S.Johnson, GSM : 8th Grimsby (Laceby)
Fred Johnson
Laurie Smith

Matt Waterman, GSM
Ernie Wright

1939 - Disbanded

Rev. L. Bacon, GSM - 18th Grimsby CLaceby)


Rev. C. Dawson, GSM
Bill Collinson
David Schofield

Harry Taylor
Mr. Hendy
Peter Carol

Harry Hammond, GSL
Harry Taylor
Mr. Hendy
Peter Carol
Trevor Davies

Trevor Davies, GSL 

Trevor Davies, GSL
Peter Tissington
Derek Harris
Gerry Lynch
Claude Jenner

George Chicken, GSL
Olive Chicken
Barry Whitehead

1985 1st Venture Unit
Geoffrey Altoft
Margaret Whitehead

Steve Deanes
Sean Beesley

Ian Read
Dave Kenyon

Dave Kenyon GSL
Gordon Adam

Brian Stanton, GSL
Kate Goodwin
Simon Beasley